The Downtown Investment Authority (DIA) is hosting a public workshop about the Downtown Riverfront on Tuesday, February 23rd at 12 noon. According to the public notice:

“The purpose of this meeting is for the DIA to present a holistic informational overview of current Downtown riverfront development plans, both public and private, and the applicable processes for review and consideration. Among those on the agenda for the workshop will be Jessie Ball duPont Fund along with various entities with proposals to develop riverfront property.

DIA Board Members, Downtown Development Review Board Members, and City Council Members attending the workshop will have an opportunity to ask questions during/following the presentations. Members of the public will have the opportunity to provide Public Comment following the presentations and Q & A.”

This is a great opportunity to see what the DIA and others have in mind for our riverfront. We are hopeful that this marks the beginning of a robust, inclusive and interactive community discussion about our important civic and natural asset, our riverfront and the values of public access to the river.

Currently, the lands along the entire St. Johns River are 90% privately owned, but we have over 75 acres of publicly owned lands in downtown that provide a unique, once in a lifetime opportunity. We believe that the time is now to invest in and expand downtown riverfront public access with a connected network of parks and green space. A “Riverfront for All” providing overlapping benefits: community gathering, health and wellness, resiliency and positive economic impact. Other cities have found that this approach has been critical to their downtowns. You can see some examples in the Riverfront Parks Now Presentation. Why not Jacksonville?

DIA Riverfront Workshop Meeting Info
February 23 at 12 noon

Physical Location: Jacksonville Public Library-Main Library Downtown, 303 North Laura Street, Multipurpose Room

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 985 2090 9500
Passcode: 237408

All agenda packets and meeting information are kept up to date on the DIA website: