October 12, 2022 – Riverfront Parks Now introduced a new 3-minute video, “Jacksonville’s Riverfront Opportunity” highlighting the opportunity before our city and the collaboration of community leaders and organizations who are working towards an expanded, world class network of parks and green spaces along the majestic  St. Johns River.

Watch the Video 

“We are thrilled to present a video representation of what we’ve been working towards since 2020,” said Nancy Powell, executive director of Scenic Jacksonville and chair of the Riverfront Parks Now coalition. “Today, we have consensus and momentum and we are excited to make this vision a reality.”

The video features the aspirations and reflections of Powell, along with key downtown leaders Laura Edgecombe (Build Up Downtown,) Mari Kuraishi (duPont Fund,) Ennis Davis, Whitney Meyer (Jacksonville Jaguars,) Stephanie Garfunkel (Riverfront Parks Now Young Professionals).

Jacksonville’s planned three destination parks, the Liberty Street Marina, and the riverwalk extension are approved for funding by the City of Jacksonville in a series of capital projects funded over the next several years totaling over $70 million.  Planning and design are spearheaded by Lori Boyer from the Downtown Investment Authority in concert with Daryl Joseph, the director of Parks and Recreation.  There are significant additional investments funded and underway such as the restoration of McCoy’s and Hogan’s Creeks, the Emerald Trail, and additional smaller parks and activation strategies.