The Downtown Investment Authority (DIA) is unveiling their 5-Year Plan Update to the public on Wednesday, February 9th at 5:30 p.m. at the Downtown Main Library.

The last plan was done in 2014-15 and slightly updated in 2019.  The DIA is required to update the plan every five years, so they engaged GAI Consulting starting in late 2020 to assist the effort.  The plan serves to guide decision making for future development, parks and infrastructure.

Following the February 9th Public Meeting, the plan will go to the full DIA Board for approval, and then will make its way through City Council’s legislative process.  Each step allows for public comment.  Since November, the Board has held workshops on several aspects of the plan with changes to be incorporated.

The DIA’s Riverfront Resolution 2021-12-03 (passed in December) will be incorporated into the 5-year plan. The resolution directs the DIA to adopt the principles, strategies and conclusions of the duPont Fund’s Riverfront Activation Plan and accelerate funding for the design and construction of Liberty St. Marina, Riverfront Plaza, Northbank Riverwalk Extension, Metropolitan Park renovations and the Southbank Riverwalk extension in order to coordinate with adjacent private development.