The Kids Kampus and the Iguana (Shad Khan) proposal is being considered first by the DIA, and then by the City Council. This is Riverfront Parks Now’s understanding of the process and timeline.  Please visit the city’s websites for all official city information.  

Riverfront Parks Now will continue to update this process as it unfolds, and will also communicate position statements via website posts & social media.


RE:  DIA RESOLUTION 2021-07-01 Kids Kampus Disposition

June 25 at 1:30 p.m.    DIA Real Estate Committee Review and Recommendation
June 30                          DIA sends meeting notice with agenda packet (7 day notice)
July 7 at 9 a.m.             DIA Special Board Meeting & Vote

July 8 – August 7         30-day window to allow for any competing proposal


Mid August thru September (may change; assumes standard six-week process)
City Council Legislation Process to include:

  • Committee Meetings – TBD
  • General City Council Public Hearings – TBD
  • City Council Vote Approval/Denial – TBD


Most Impactful

  1. Show up and speak at meetings during public comments (3 min time limit)
  2. Write individual emails to decision makers
  3. Write a letter to the editor of the Florida Times Union:

 Also Important

  1. Share and encourage participation from your friends, networks, and any organization you are a member of, or think would be interested. 
  2. Follow, post and share on social media

BACKGROUND – DIA Resolution 2021-07-01

  • Portions of two city owned real estate parcels are involved in this Resolution; the Metropolitan Park parcel, including the 8-acre Kids Kampus, and the Shipyards East parcel, which is east of Hogan’s Creek and goes to the Met Park boundary. RE 130572-0100 and RE 130571-0000.
  • Iguana (Shad Khan’s company) wants to develop the 8-acre Kids Kampus and have an option on the adjacent 5.4 acre property at the Shipyards East Property.
  • The proposed transaction involves the transfer of city owned riverfront land to the private control for the development of a proposed five star Hotel, an Office Building, and Marina. The proposal also seeks to have a First Right of Refusal on an adjacent 5.4 acre property until 2024.
  • The proposed development is contingent upon finding a suitable replacement property for the Kids Kampus, which is under the obligations of an FDEP grant.
  • The DIA staff has issued Resolution 2021-07-01, a Term Sheet and Staff Report recommending approval. These will be taken up by first by a DIA Committee and the the full Board.
  • Following DIA, there will be a required 30-day window to allow for any competing proposal.
  • After 30 days, and unless competing offers arise, the proposal will enter the City Council legislative process. Normally that is a six-week process, however many factors go into the timeline and it could be longer or shorter.